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Families and children

At Severine Photography we believe that it is very important to record memories of your family. Those precious family photos will stay from to generation to generation in your family. 

Severine Photography studio is conveniently located in downtown Jacksonville. We have many different backdrops, props, floors and all the lighting necessary to create pictures that you will love. 

Some of our clients prefer a natural set up like a park or the beach. We love working with them on their need. We talk or meet with every client before the session. We love doing that because we want to deliver the best customer service possible and it all starts by understanding our client need. We usually meet at our photography studio downtown. We have many example of our work printed on canvas, album or framed photos and we love showing some finished products to our client. 

When we decide where the session will happen we spend some time talking about how they will dress. It is very important to put clothes that you will love forever and that avoid to date the session. Nobody wants to see on their wall a tshirt with a logo that shows that the session is 10 years old!