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Senior photographs

We particularly love senior photos at Severine Photography. We provide a full modeling experience in our photography studio in downtown Jacksonville for seniors. We do not call them "senior" but "model" :-)

We take the time to talk with the model about their session. We ask them what they would like to show on their pictures and give them advice about what to take and wear.Multiple layers and pros like hat or glasses look very good in photos.

A make-up and hair artist can be at the studio to help get the model ready. We usually start with the more easy-to-go outfit and work our way to the more dressy and outgoing one. We always incorporate artistic pictures in the shoot.

Our session lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. We have music and have lot of fun! It is not usual that we dance all together!

Within two weeks the proofs will be ready and the model and its parents can come to the studio to buy the photos they want. We have lots of option like amazing plexiglass cubes that look fantastic, albums that can showcase multiple photographs and regular gift prints that people buy for their love ones like god-parents and grand-parents.