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Professional portraits are essential for your website, flyers, cards, or business cards. Any marketing that is done for your brand should incorporate professional portraits of your own brand. We understand that it can be cheaper and easier to buy some stock photography online. Those photographs are very well done and give your clients an idea of the field you work in. However those photographs do not represent your brand and are used by multiple companies. When searching online for a dentist, a client see a family smiling. While looking at the second website he realizes that the exact smiling family has been used. The client knows that those photographs are not portraits of the clients' dentist. He will certainly call the third dentist that has professional portraits of his team, himself and some recent clients on his website. 

We create professional portraits that represent our clients' need. We first meet with our clients to talk about their need and the final use of the portraits. We then deliver a quote that includes all the specifications of the session. Our professional portraits are delivered through an online gallery. Our client keeps the link to the gallery and the pictures are back-up online for 10 years. They can have access to them from any computer and even their cell phone. That is a huge benefice that our clients use as marketing tool.