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In our society every customer, client will look up you online before the first meeting. It is more important than ever to have a professional high quality headshot. If your client looks online at your headshot and see a picture that has been cut from the wedding you assisted last week-end, he will have a very first bad impression. Lots of people also have very old headshots. The impression given to the client is that you do not care about being up-to-date or you do not have the time. However your clients will wonder if you have time for them if you do not have it for a headshot. At our photography studio, we offer high quality professional headshot. We show to our clients the photograph on a big screen right away. That help us and the client to build the perfect pose. The headshot is chosen right away by the client. We won't stop before the client is happy with his new headshot. Within two days we will edit the photograph. We finely edit each headshot. We will deliver the headshot through email or an online gallery depending of the discussion we will have about that during the session.