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We provide very high quality architectural photographs. Many of our clients are architects or builders. They use those photographs for their portfolio and to enter competition. Those images can also be used for their marketing.

It is very difficult to translate the three dimensional work of an architect into a two dimensional photograph. It takes technical skills and experience to be able to create architectural photos. The lighting is very different from the outside to the inside of a house and the photo needs to render what our human eye sees. 

We always have a discussion with our client before the shoot to understand their needs. When we got all the information, we provide a quote that describe the works and the delivery process. The day of the shoot we arrive on location early and we usually work directly with the architect or the builder. We work with a tripod and takes multiple exposures of the same view. Back at the office, we back up our file and start the post editing. Depending on the number of architectural photographs we take up to two weeks to deliver the final photographs. We usually deliver the pictures through and online gallery. Our clients can download their photos directly but also have the option to keep them in their phone or tablet.