Here are some tips for your headshot:

  • Avoid too many colors

    Unless your profession requires an incredibly colorful outfit, we highly recommend staying away from lots of bright colors. It is supposed to be about the person you are, and not what you are wearing. Blacks, beige, creams, and neutral tones are timeless.

  • Dress like you are meeting a new client

    The purpose of your headshots is to convey the professional side of you, but still you nonetheless. That means that when you choose your wardrobe, select pieces that you would want to meet your clients in, or be seen in while “doing your thing”. If you’re a professional chef, you might want to consider an apron over a power suit. If you’re a realtor, wear business casual, just the way you would if you were on your way to a client meeting.

  • Layer up

    Layering your outfits can really add a professional touch to your images. Jackets, blazers, and coats thrown over a neutral colored tee or dress shirt look great on literally everyone. If you have some jackets or blazers in your closet, bring them!

  • Avoid small patterns

    Small patterns do not look flattering in photographs. They are confusing to the eye and can create a fuzzy effect. It's best to stick to solid colors that go well together.

  • Keep it natural

    Headshots these days are all about keeping things natural and real. People want to see beyond the headshot into the core of who you are.

  • We are here to help

    Do not hesitate to bring multiple outfits with you to your headshot and we will help you make the best decision.

  • Make-up and hair

    Ladies, this one is really for you. Doubling up on mascara layers can really highlight your beautiful eyes. For lipstick, usually a wet gloss is all you need, sometimes tinted.

  • The day before the shoot

    Don’t forget to hydrate. Drinking lots of water the day before the shoot will ensure your face looks its best. Avoiding salty foods can also help prevent water retention in your body to give you leaner lines. Before the shoot, try to avoid late nights, fatty foods, chocolate, alcohol, and get lots and lots of sleep! The idea is to get your body and skin looking its absolute best.

    We hope that those tips about preparing for your headshot are helpful to you. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us directly! We are more than happy to help!