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Newborn Photography

Getting those first images of your baby's life is so important and achieving those breathtaking shots requires experience and knowledge. At Severine Photography, we strive to make your newborn photos memorable and capture the sweetest moments of the first days.

Before the photo shoot we would love to sit down with you and discuss how you would like your images to look like and build a trust that will make you feel safe with us.

Newborn photo shoots typically last between 3-4 hours and take place in our spacious studio. The comfortable lounge area allows sleepy parents to relax and take a little break or join in on the session. We recommend the photo session to take place after your baby id 10 days old, but before 2 weeks, it is during that time that we will be able to capture the most adorable images.

Within two weeks of our shoot, you are invited back for a personal ordering session, where we will assist you in choosing the perfect images and products that are just right for you and your home. We are just as excited for you to see the final product and we will hand deliver your images, and even help you hang them if you’d like. We know what a special time this is in your lives, and we would love to be there to capture the love, and provide you with heirloom artwork your family will forever cherish.

Please feel free to contact us when you're ready to book your photo session.